Ever wondered
how green your electric vehicle really is?

Find out with
the Energy Web AutoGreenCharge app

Available for owners of
electric vehicles from many different brands around the globe

Benefits of
AutoGreenCharge app

Fleet owners and EV drivers can trace back the origin of the electricity used to charge their EV
High time and place resolution in selected areas increases trust and impact
Integration into existing renewable energy registries (GO, REC, I-REC)
Supporting many vehicles and electricity markets worldwide

How to use
AutoGreenCharge app

Apply for our closed beta
Once the app is released, download it from Google PlayStore or Apple Store
Sign-up and connect your electric vehicle account to
Energy Web AutoGreenCharge
Charge your vehicle
as normal

AutoGreenCharge works

Energy Web AutoGreenCharge gets charging data from your car's maker and sends it to their network

The charging data includes details about the location, time and amount of the electricity charged

Green Proofs uses this information to find the best match from a renewable energy production and records this match

The charging data is not used for any other purposes besides finding the best energy production match and is discarded immediately afterwards

You, as the charging session owner, can inspect that the charging session is indeed green and see the properties and origin of the electricity production

asked questions

Is Green Proofs using CO2 certificates to offset carbon emissions?

No, Green Proofs matches granular production certificates to your charging sessions that are linked to the physical electricity production in your area. Therefore, emissions are not offset through questionable means but instead already avoided at production time.

Will I receive a Green Proof for every charging session?

It is likely but not guaranteed. At most times there’s enough clean electricity in the grid to find a matching producer for the charging session. However, under certain circumstances no match may be found. We’d like to make those spots visible to encourage further increase in renewable production and storage, rather than hiding them through off-sets.

I don’t own an electric vehicle yet. Can I still try the app?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. GreenCharge is tailored to owners of electric vehicles. But you can sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date and follow exciting updates.

I’m using car sharing or a rental car. Can I use AutoGreenCharge?

Unfortunately that’s not directly possible since only the owner of an EV can grant the permission to read and match the charging sessions. But you can reach out to your car sharing or rental provider and ask them to add support for GreenCharge. Afterwards subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date about supported providers.